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Invencia is my first choice, both for their total grasp of Schmitt’s style and for their programming. Since they are doing all of Schmitt’s duo music, they have the ability to group works together to make each disc a satisfying and varied program.

Feuillets de Voyage each contain five pieces and were well played…Invencia plays them with charm and panache. The final group of six pieces is Carnival Music, both loads of fun…This set of pieces was the real “find” here for me—a brand new work with loads of humor and brilliance.

Grand Piano continues to impress me with the quality of their recordings. Schmitt’s extensive oeuvre for two pianists at both one and two pianos could have no better a duo, and I eagerly await the final volume in this series.

– James Harrington

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The stork may be a-weary but there’s absolutely no sign of lassitude in Kasparov and Lutsyshyn’s playing, which is always alert to small changes of mood and manner. As with the very best duos these musicians sound as one.

Collectors who already have the first three installments in the series should not hesitate to acquire this one, and those who have faltered thus far should waste no time and follow suit. There is much pleasure to be found here, not least in this engaging and characterful playing.

Music of quality, stylishly played….

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– Dan Morgan

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Invencia’s Azerbaijan-born Andrey Kasparov and Ukrainian Oksana Lutsyshyn, both music professors at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, are armchair-comfortable with the relatively easy-going demands of these works. Years of practice and performing together has led them to a point where they breathe the same breaths and think the same thoughts, making their four-handed musical dispatches the epitome of eloquent refinement and warmth.

For this recital they save the best to last. Une Semaine du Petit Elfe Ferme-l’Oeil is not unlike Musiques Foraines (‘Carnival Music’) from the previous volume, with Schmitt again using apparently light-hearted fairy-tale subjects—marrying mice, a doll, gimpy alphabet letters, a Chinese umbrella and the like—to offer up a weft of enchanting harmonies, rhythmic diversity and sparkling melody in pregnant detail.

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– Byzantion

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