Triple Threat

As Invencia is regarded as one of the foremost purveyors of Florent Schmitt’s music for piano duet and duo, Phillip Nones is acknowledged as one the greatest living authorities on the French composer’s oeuvre.

In April of 2014 Phillip offered his analysis of Schmitt’s 3-part work Trois Rapsodies, Op. 53. Click here to read his full investigation of this composition and its various interpretations.

With their own authoritative interpretation of Schmitt’s Trois Rapsodies, Colin Clarke of International Piano had this to say of Invencia’s rendition of the work’s third and final movement:

“Schmitt’s finale [Trois Rapsodies], itself a waltz (“Viennoise”), is harmonically adventurous, and the duo bring great swing to its later stages.”

Enjoy now this early live performance by Invencia Piano Duo of the Viennoise from Florent Schmitt’s Trois Rapsodies, recorded in November of 2009.

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