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Andrey Kasparov and Oksana Lutsyshyn are both on top of the notes and inside the music; the rhythmic complexities and tricky tutti attacks don’t faze their ensemble synchronicity one iota….

Three lovely examples of Bowles’ prolific song output are rendered in stylistically apt piano-duo arrangements by Kasparov….

A valuable release at any price.

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– Jed Distler

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Music for Several Instruments

Keeping things simple

The Invencia Piano Duo, the excellent pianists Andrey Kasparov and Oksana Lutsyshyn, play a number of works together on this excellent disc… but they’re also each given the chance to shine individually.

This project deserves so much praise. I really appreciate the artistry of Kasparov and Lutsyshyn, and all of the care and effort they’ve taken to bring this important music to the public.

– Dean Frey

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Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Paul Bowles, Complete Piano Works I

Complete Piano Works I (Naxos 8.559786) should give present-day listeners the chance to hear some of [Paul Bowles’] music, some of his best, as played with sensitivity and care by the Invencia Piano Duo.

Paul Bowles, Complete Piano Works II

The Invencia Piano Duo brings to us the playful brilliance of [Bowles’] one- and two-piano works on the first and now the follow-up volume Complete Piano Works II (Naxos 8.559787).

The performances are beautifully idiomatic, capturing the brittle character, whimsicality and subtle power of the music.

– Grego Applegate Edwards

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MusicWeb International

This disc proved more attractive and interesting than I had expected. Although Bowles may be a better writer than a composer he certainly deserves his place in the Naxos American Classics series.

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– Gary Higginson

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