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This is a wonderful set, one in which The Invencia Piano Duo should not only be congratulated, but also thanked. Their playing is impeccable and shows great sensibility throughout, but it is their research and dedication to [Florent Schmitt] that deserves the applause, with every disc containing premiere recordings….

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– Stuart Sillitoe

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Klassiek Centraal


After the release of the fourth and final album by the Invencia Duo, from Schmitt’s complete music for piano duet and piano duo, the label Naxos (Grand Piano) has now published the full four-CD box. Do not miss this discovery.

Thanks to the pianists Andrey Kasparov and Oksana Lutsyshyn… they took it upon themselves to study [Florent Schmitt’s] complete work and record. Among the total works were eight which had their world premieres thanks to this recording project.

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– Michel Dutrieue

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Scherzo Revista


It is not understandable that this delicious music is so unknown and has reached the present day largely un-published. Up to seven pieces are recorded here for the first time. The duo formed by Kasparov and Lutsyshyn sometimes play together and sometimes separately a repertoire they describe in this way:

“Bowles wit, lyricism, humor and charm fill these jewels, along with more dramatic and turbulent passages, which evoke his literary writings.”

It is accurate and it should be added that it is they who have carried out the investigation and unearthed the pieces. The compositions… must be executed by people who love them. This is the case.

In spite of everything, his major pieces… and many others have been recorded, but this collection of intimate, delicate and poetic works was missing. Literary? Light? Evidently. And perhaps for that reason so attractive and pleasant.

– Félix de Azúa

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