Andrey Kasparov & Oksana Lutsyshyn

Andrey Kasparov & Oksana Lutsyshyn

Invencia Piano Duo has won high praise for its compelling interpretations of a vast and diverse repertoire. Hailing from Armenian and Ukrainian families, respectively, Andrey Kasparov and Oksana Lutsyshyn both were educated at the Moscow Conservatory before moving to Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music to pursue advanced studies.

Presently, they make their home in Norfolk, Virginia, and are on the faculty at Old Dominion University. They also share the Artistic Directorship of the Norfolk Chamber Consort. Kasparov and Lutsyshyn are award-winning solo recording artists in their own right, besides as the critically acclaimed Invencia Piano Duo.

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For recorded video recitals featuring Invencia Piano Duo, please visit their YouTube channel.



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